LSV⁺/BDD – Efficient processing of direct debits


  • Reduction of time, efforts and costs through the high degree of automation (STP) and through the minimizing of returns.
  • Cost savings through the use of existing payment traffic infrastructure (SIC and/or euroSIC, payCOMweb, credit advising method).
  • Cost-efficiency through the modular structure (delivery and authorization functionalities can be selected freely).
  • Supplements the financial institutions' product range for individual and standing orders.
  • Boosts market potential among customers who value optimized cash management.
  • Improved customer retention through internal bank delivery channels (such as e-banking).
  • Creates market opportunities through alternative delivery channels, also among customers who do not use online banking.
  • Enhanced market acceptance in the private customer sector due to the exclusive procedure with right to object (LSV+).
  • Flexibility in the business customer sector, in which direct debits are possible "with” (LSV+) or “without” (BDD) right of objection.
  • Limitation of the beneficiary bank's liability risk through individual and flexible creditor limit issuing.

Target groups

  • Real estate management
  • Health insurance companies
  • Energy suppliers (electricity, gas, water, oil)
  • Credit card companies and companies with their own payment cards (such as bonus cards)
  • Leasing firms
  • Insurance companies
  • Cable network operators
  • Newspapers
  • Radio / television network operators
  • Travel agenciesPublishing houses
  • Mail-order companies