LSV⁺ – Direct debits with right of objection

Benefits in general

  • Optimized cash management through on-time and final receipt of funds (active control option for the incoming payment, same value-date credit, no returns for technical banking reasons).
  • Practically no returns (less than 0.3%).
  • Cost savings through the use of standardized and established processes throughout the billing cycle.
  • Cost savings through a very high degree of automation (significantly improved dunning process, no manual and paper-bound processes).
  • Paperless handling reduces expenses (mailing out invoices and cash pay-in fees are eliminated, no pay-in infrastructure).
  • Fewer subsequent costs because the requested amount is unalterable (easy recognition).
  • Established dunning process can be used.
  • Flexible submission either to the bank or to SIX Interbank Clearing Ltd.
  • Clearly communicable product advantages for customers.

Advantages for bill payers

  • A convenient and easy way to pay bills
  • Payments will not get “lost”
  • No paper war
  • Inexpensive or free payment means
  • Confirmation of the payment execution
  • Guaranteed right to object with defined and guaranteed time limits.