Questions and answers about the processing of direct debits.

Cash management, transaction costs, transaction currencies

What impact do the direct debit procedures have on my liquidity management?

As the creditor, can I count on receiving my funds on time?

What transaction prices will be charged by the debtor’s bank?

For which currencies can I use the direct debit procedures, and in which countries?

Can I use the direct debit procedure to settle payments with customers within the EU zone in euro?

Organizational and contractual issues

As the creditor, how much time should I plan for sending reminders?

What effects does the direct debit procedure have on my accounting?

How must the dispatch of bills be organized?

What manual procedures do I need to complete as a direct debit procedure participant?


Which direct debit procedure provides the right of objection?

Should I expect objections to be raised often with LSV+?

Alternatives to the direct debit procedure

As a creditor, what alternatives do I have should I prefer not to accept the direct debit procedure LSV+ with the right of objection?

Which alternative payment methods should I recommend to my debtors if they prefer not use the direct debit procedure?