Direct debits

LSV⁺ and BDD are attractive direct debit procedures offered by the Swiss banks for the convenient handling of regularly occurring claims in francs and euro. They combine the best-possible consumer protection with efficient and secure processes, which minimize risks and costs for both the debtor and creditor. Companies can efficiently manage their liquidity with direct debits. Special features include incoming payments according to value date and a significantly simplified dunning process.

The creditor can choose to collect direct debits in two different ways:

  • with LSV+ (direct debits with right to objection) or
  • with BDD (direct debits without right to objection).

Direct debits are suitable for

  • Real estate management
  • Health insurance companies
  • Energy suppliers (electricity, gas, water, oil)
  • Credit card companies and companies with their own payment cards (such as bonus cards)
  • Leasing firms
  • Insurance companies
  • Cable network operators
  • Newspapers
  • Radio/television network operators
  • Travel agencies
  • Publishing houses
  • Mail-order companies

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