Data transfer via payCOMweb

payCOMweb is an Internet-based solution for the transmission of direct debits (LSV⁺/BDD). It is the electronic interface for the automated exchange of data between your finance software and SIX.

With payCOMweb you can securely, rapidly and efficiently transmit data around the clock, seven days a week.


  • Efficient:
    Files with up to one million transactions can be transmitted smoothly with payCOMweb. Packaged as a ZIP file, up to 10 files can be sent with transfer or direct debit orders.
  • Secure:
    payCOMweb provides for the latest security standards.
  • Rational:
    Continuous automatic processing is possible with payCOMweb. With electronic order approval the postal dispatch of credit and debit orders becomes superfluous.

How does it work?

Transfers in DTA format and direct debits are generated using suitable standard recording software and are saved locally.

The ordering party logs in with the certificate into the payCOMweb application and transmits the locally saved files though the Web browser with SSL encryption. He/she then receives an electronic confirmation of receipt.

payCOMweb offers the option of electronic approval by the ordering party. Alternatively, the approval can also be made by the ordering party’s house bank, if the ordering party has sent the credit or debit order on paper.

The payment approval is made upon verification of the payment data. The ordering party can call up, save and print out the processing confirmation at any time.

The creditor’s financial institution of account, i.e. the ordering party, as well as that of the debtor will be notified about the incoming payment, whereby the debtor banks checks whether the requirements (e.g. authorization, credit-worthiness) are sufficient to execute the payment.

If the payments are approved by the respective financial institution, payCOMweb then processes the order and carries out the corresponding credits and/or debits upon the customers’ accounts through the financial institutions.

Secure access with certificate

The payCOMweb application is accessed with the appropriate system requirements* via a Web browser and is secured by means of a certificate. Recommended is the electronic identification from SuisseID, which can be ordered online. Please note that for this an identification verification point in Switzerland must be visited and that the user must provide personal identification. According to SuisseID, identification verification points include:

  • Post offices of the Swiss Post (yellow identification)
  • Through SwissSign or QuoVadis authorized persons
  • Municipal and city administrations
  • Notary publics in Switzerland
  • SBB Change/Western Union counters (SBB customer identification).

Due to legal requirements, the following means of identification are exclusively accepted:

  • For Swiss, German, French or Italian citizens: a valid passport/personal ID or valid ID card (with details about the person and validity, including signature)
  • For all other persons: valid passport (with details about the person and validity, including signature).

Companies that prefer to use certificates from other third-party providers – such as foreign certification points or the bank's own certificate – must first contact SIX. To be able to ensure high security, the certificates must at least meet the following requirements:

  • The user certificate must be saved on a hardware-based security token
  • Validity of the user certificate: not expired, must still be valid for nine months for new registrations
  • Validity of the root certificate: not expired, must still be valid for five years for new registrations
  • Standard: X.509 V3
  • Signature algorithm: sha2
  • Key length: at least 2048 bit
  • Key usage: client authentication, digital signature.

For use of self-issued certificates, at least ten users must be registered.


  • Submission of payments via the house bank:
    A number of Swiss banks offer an alternative to payCOMweb with their own submission channels, with which their customers can submit their transactions directly to their house bank. Please contact your house bank for more information.
  • Submission through other file transfer services:
    Electronic approval through payCOMweb is both possible here, and is recommended.

Where to order SuisseID?